PETRO Hire is a division of National Tank Hire and has been set up to cater to the needs of the Rental Industry when they require storage tank solutions to support the hire of Diesel Powered machinery. Our capability allows us to supply Rental Fuel Tanks to most locations in Australia.

PETRO Hire has a large range of rental tanks available ‘Ready to Hire’ across Australia, these range in size from the self bunded cubes that can be used for safely storing or transporting fuel in sizes from 450L to 13,000L to the containerized Liquitainer tanks that range in size from 10,000L to 110,000L tanks and can be linked together for fuel farm applications.

Pumping and dispensing systems that fit and compliment the fuel storage tanks are available on an as required basis


Do your business a favour. Don’t Buy – Rent from PETRO Hire

If you’re buying capital equipment or machinery, paying upfront can put a serious dent in your cash reserves. And what are you left with in five years? Usually a seriously depreciated asset that is outdated and may not be any use any more. Fuel Tank Hire makes economical sense.

When compared to buying equipment outright, renting helps preserve cash for projects and expenditure that offers better business returns or represents a more efficient use of capital and resources.

If your requirement is fully baffled, self bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks to hire from 1000L to 12,000L – PETRO Hire is your solution.

When it comes to expenditure, businesses should invest as little as possible in depreciating assets and as much as possible in appreciating assets. Renting provides a compelling option to keep the cost of depreciating assets down and pass obsolescence risk to a third party.

A common financial methodology for deciding if taking an asset on rental is more economic than buying is to compare and select the lowest net present value of the after tax cash flows of each alternative.


If you are buying self-bunded fuel tanks, how do you know you have a range that suits your customers’ needs and will achieve the expected fleet asset utilisation?

PETRO Hire has a range of self bunded fuel tanks available for hire, ready to go out on hire as an add-on to a large diesel powered machinery package including Generation or Pumping equipment. When the hire is over, send the tank back to us and we will clean it and have it ready next time you have a requirement. We can supply Fuel Tank Hire anywhere in Australia – we have term pricing to suit and project.

In most cases, rental payments don’t appear as balance sheet liabilities. The monthly rentals are treated as an operating expense and are generally considered 100% tax deductible. Not only that, as an expense item, these payments may fall outside of annual capital budget allocations and the arrangement may result in improved balance sheet ratios. Naturally, you should check with your accountant and / or legal advisor first.


You can bundle the cost of all ancillary equipment into your hire rate. Pumps, meters, electronic tank gauging, electronic fluids management systems, in fact all PETRO Industrial accessory lines can be included in the one transaction.


When you rent or lease your equipment you get to keep your cash for better things. It takes the strain off your cash flow and when working with your accountant or legal advisor, usually results in a 100% tax break and a healthier balance sheet. Better still, it means you don’t have to compromise on quality. You can afford the right equipment for the job.


PETRO Hire rental pricing builds the future expected resale value of assetsinto the pricing to keep your rental payments low.

The future resale value risk is assumed by PETRO Hire, not you. What’s more the costs of disposing of the asset at the end of the lease including environmentally friendly recycling of the assets (including potentially hazardous components) is also assumed by PETRO Hire.


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