Self Bunded tank, Fully Baffled. Designed and approved for site storage and transport of diesel, petrol, lubricants and waste oil.

Product Description

2019 PETRO Cube – 110% Self Bunded Tank Fully Baffled (Double Wall) Range


  • Self bunded tank, fully baffled. Designed and approved for site storage and transport od diesel, petrol, lubricants and waste oil.
  • Mild steel internal tank and wetted parts – Heavy duty mild steel external tank.
  • Pumps/connections/hoses/meters/filters housed in bund, which can be locked even when in use!
  • Stackable – 3-high empty / 2-high when full.
  • UN approved for transport of dangerous goods and/or static storage / AS1940 / AS1692 approved as self bunded tank for static storage.
  • Self bunded tank capacity 110% of internal tank volume.
  • Easily removable carbon steel inner tank for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The PETRO Cube self bunded tank is suitable for diesel, petrol, lubricants, kerosene and waste oil.


  • Site static storage
  • Delivery
  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Decanting


  • UN APPROVAL – Self bunded tank with UN31A/Y approval for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and sea, Packaging groups II & III.
  • TRUE BUNDED TANK – PETRO Self bunded Cubes are fabricated from high-grade mild steel (inner tank) and mild steel (outer tank). An inner tank contains the initial volume of liquid. In the unlikely event that this tank develops a leak, the outer tank will prevent the liquid from escaping into the environment.
  • 110% BUNDED – The secondary tanks has a capacity of 110% of volume held by the primary tank. All seams are welded to exacting standards.
  • REMOVABLE PRIMARY TANK – The PETRO Cube self bunded tank is designed with an easy removable mild steel Primary (inner) tank for maintenance and inspection.
  • SIZE RANGE –  PETRO Cube self bunded tanks are available in a range of capacities, ideal for transportation by either truck or shipping container and suit most hydrocarbons storage and transport requirements. Sizes include 450L, 1,100L, 2,200L, 3,300L, 4,500L, 6,300L, 8,000L and 10,000L.
  • AFFORDABLE QUALITY – The ultimate in quality at very affordable prices.
  • STANDARDS – Meet strict quality standards, are PPG2 compliant and EU approved. Designed and approved to AS1692, AS1940, UL142, ULC-S601, ULS-s603, BS799 and UN31AY.
  • LOCKABLE BUND – All pumps, connections and hoses are housed and can be locked within the buns, even in use!
  • COLOUR – Colour is AS2700 “Colour Standards for General Purposes” N14 white.
  • STACKING – Can be stacked 3 high when empty, and 2 high when full.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION – 6,300L, 8,000L and 10,000L models are supplied with overfill protection valve/Anti-syphon valve and Overfill alarm unit.
  • BAFFLED – Fully baffled – designed and approved to move with liquid in the tank.


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450L GA

1,100L GA

2,000L GA

3,000L GA

4,500L GA

6,300L GA

8,000L GA

10,000L GA

Lifting Certification 450L to 3000L

Operations Manual

UN Certification

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